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1000 Roses catering team was created to save your energy, time and money which are unavoidable and unreasonable spend in occasions when you have to host lot of guests in your own or in some other place and you need to do it as much elegant and effective it is possible so your guests could be feeling good and you to avoid unnecessary costs as well as unpleasant situations which are frequent due to inexperience in the field of organizing of serving and preparing of food and beverage.

We could take a care of preparing, delivery and serving of F&B for more than 1000 of your guests.

Quality of groceries as well as processing of it is in the hands of our brilliant cooks while on your and your guests service is our excellent serving team made of very experienced and very kind waiters.

If you want to serve your guests specialties of Serbian cuisine then we are right choice for you.

Besides standard menu of F&B and services we are ready to manage all of your desires al long as we can handle it.

Contact us and check out.

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